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Our Masterpiece. Romantically and practical.

Base 200x200cm € 124.00

Base 180x200cm € 118.00

Base 160x200cm € 112.00

Base 100x200cm € 108.00

including VAT

Box-shaped. Availiable in many sizes. Starting from single bed till 78.8 x 78.8 inch (200x200cm). Height of all models is approx 98.5 inch (250cm). Suitable for beds up to 87×87inch (220×220cm).

Colour: Natural white
Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester. The upper section (the decoration) and the pennant are made of pure cotton. The cotton content means the curtains feel very soft and the polyester content means they hang really well. Decorated with large buttons made from coconut shell and tassels made of cotton.

BigSky hangs on four points and has four courtains, which overlap in the middle by about 23inch (60cm). The delivery contains four chords for the curtains.

This canopy is a year-round accessory, whether for romantics, for cuddling or just for feeling good.

We ourselves also always have a canopy over the bed all year round. Once you’ve slept under one for a while, a bed without a canopy seems really bare.