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An extraordinary net, which is only availiable by us.

€ 29.95
including VAT
Derzeit leider nicht lieferbar

Cause of the very large foldable ring out of spring steel, with 120cm in diameter, you can now use this classic circular shape also for larger beds.
The advantage: The fabric falls almost vertically and you could practically use your bed till the edge, without beeing disturbed by the curtain. This one has the comfort as our box-shaped nets, but with the need of only one suspension.

The nets has one entrance with an overlapp of approx. 30cm. This makes the net very lovely when its opened, and easy accessible.

The Fabric comes with 280 mesh (Mesh= stiches per square inch) which is dense enough even for smaller flies.

Boundary at the bottom1250cm
Diameter of the ring120cm (foldable)
Max. bed size200x200cm
Overlap of the Entrance25cm
Number of Entrances1
Curtain length220cm
Packing Dimensions 45cm Diameter
5cm thick

How to get it back in its case